The lost ones in Tokyo. Portfolio of Yota Yoshida

Yota Yoshida is a street photographer from Tokyo, Japan, an author of the project “From Somewhere to Elsewhere”, dedicated to the city and it’s people.

The photographer is interested in invisible emotions and poetic impressions that surround us on an ordinary day.

This is what else he told me in an interview for Bird in Flight magazine…

— My photographs are not exceptional: anyone could have taken the same pictures if they were in the same place at the same time.

The act of taking unposed photographs is not an act of production, but rather of feeling, and also capturing what is already being expressed.

I like strolling in places like parks and riparian zones. They are located neither in central nor in suburban areas. And although they’re plain, there are always glimpses of the lives of the people living in the city, and it’s very attractive to me.

In short, I like the locations where I can catch a glimpse of people’s lives. In Tokyo, these are Asakusa (the block with old Buddhist temples — Ed.), Ueno, and others places in the east Tokyo. Asakusa is a downtown area, it’s friendly for tourists from abroad. But I’m mainly walking back alleys, not main streets.

Read next interview with Yota Yoshida in Bird in Flight magazine. It was also published in Russian language.

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov Yota Yoshida

Cover photo: Yota Yoshida