Why refugio is not hotel. The owners of this one explains funny

If you are planning to go on a multi-day hike in the Dolomites for the first time in your life, you may think that a mountain hut is a five-star hotel (well, at least three stars). It is not. The owners of one of perhaps the most famous hut in the Dolomites explains what is refugio (hut in Italian) and why it has so strange living rules upwards of 1000 m.

Roberta and Mariano
Owners of refugio Rosetta at 2581 m

— Welcome to the mountains, where the real luxury is an easy lifestyle. A mountain hut is not a hotel, but the way, it always has 5 start.

The suite: a warm bed during the starry night and walking up with the sunrise.

The luxury: four walls, one roof and a heater against rain and cold in the middle of the mountains.

The fitness centre: the therapeutic action of hiking and climbing.

The animation program: talking with other mountaineers about past, present and future adventures.

The wellness centre: the mountain, with pure air, sun, silence and a sky full of starts.

Our reasons of refugio works like it works:

Why water is not drinkable?
Because it is water coming from the snow-field [it’s better not do drink it].

Why sometimes we can’t satisfy all your requirements?
All the stuff we took here brought by helicopter (the long conservation ones), bread, meat and fresh foods are brought by us walking from the cable car.

Why we switch off lights at 10 p. m.?
This is the only way to make everyone relax, also because it’s amazing to get up early and see the sunrise.

Why dinner is at 6:30 p. m.?
It’s so much harder to digest at height, and it’s important to digest well for a better sleep.

Why breakfast is from 6:30 a. m. to 7:30 a.m?
On hight heights it’s important to leave early (the weather is better in the mourning) and to come back early in the afternoon.

Why there is no Wi-Fi?
Talking to each other is also a connection, and sometimes it’s good to distance yourself from everyday’s reality.

If something wrong, tell the owners. You will help us to improve and motivate ourselves in our job.

The world belongs to those who know how to check it out!

This is the text from the dinner menu in refugio Rosetta.

Cover photo: refugio Rosetta in the middle of September, 2019 © Tatiana Kuznetsova.

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