After walking in the Dolomites for a week, it’s not clear how to go to work

We do not ask participants of creative hikes in the Dolomites to give feedback on purpose. We have tried once. It didn’t work. They are the first ones to share their new impressions, experience, and changes in their lives with us.

Vera Roiter
Project Manager at Polytechnic Museum — the main science and technology museum of Russia and one of the oldest science museums in the world

— I’m not used to writing long descriptions and thoughts at all.

It’s just that the mountains are beautiful: the landscape, the strength, the overcoming, the burden, and such dizzyingly fresh air. The mountains is a journey not only upwards, but within oneself.

And also, coffee in the mountains is unforgettable.

After walking the Dolomites for a week, it’s not clear how to go to work.

And I’m glad that I’ve been shoulder to shoulder with people like me. I am grateful to them for their help (“Take my jar of corn”), patience (my slow pace and foul cries) and many other things that are hard to put into words.

We were one of the first Russians in Lamon.

I rebooted.

And I still can’t believe it happened to me.

Down with the delayed life!

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Cover photo: participant of creative hiking in the Dolomites in September 2019 in Lamon and Pale di San Martino.

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