Thirty-five interviews for Moya Planeta travel TV channel

Moya Planeta is the major nationwide travel TV channel in Russia, sort of like “Russian Discovery Channel”, though the original one is also exist in the country. The name translates as “My Planet.”

It is not only a TV channel, but also a travel club, a summer summer festival, a photo competition, an exhibitions of the same name, as well as other projects.

My Planet has a website — an independent media about travel with a lot of rubrics, which is visited by a 819,730 person per month by the Similarweb on the date of publishing of this post, before it was more than a million. Still, it is one of the most visited travel media in Russian language.

In four years (2015–2019) of cooperation with the TV channel site I have recorded 35 interviews in three rubrics, which I myself invented and offered to the publication and they accepted them:

  • The Rules of Life are interviews with people from the most remote corners of the world, who talk about what is important to them in life. These are short answers to unusual questions about the essence of life, though of course also about life in detail. There are stories of an Altai eco-settler, a mother of two children from the Aleutian Islands, a Lapland photographer and others.
  • A Country in Russian language is an expatriate story about life abroad — “as if you came to a country where all the signs were in your native language,” is how I explained the idea of the column to my editor. I recorded the stories of the residents of many the countries in all six continents, including even Antarctica, let’s take African continent as an example: Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, and others.
  • Travel Bloggers Respond — these are stories from famous travel bloggers about the places that disappointed them the most, and the trips where something went wrong. I published the first two pieces with female bloggers and male bloggers (for some reason, that’s how it happened).

The most popular interview, “Georgia in Russian language” with the ex-brand manager of the tourism administration in that country, Darya Kholodilina, garnered 329,000 views. In total, my interviews have gathered more than 2 million views.

These columns have become permanent and one of the most popular on the site. Many other authors are now writing in them, and that’s tens of millions of views.

Go to my journalist’s profile on Moya Planeta to read all these interviews in Russian language.

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: me hitchhiking from Saint Petersburg to Finland in August 2018. The New Zealand t-shirt is a gift from the syster, who went there a year before. I liked it especially, because one of my interviews for Moya Planeta I recorded with a maori, a native of this country. More: my sister visited him before me!