My name is Ivan Kuznetsov. I am journalist and editor from Dolomites, Italy.

I know travel well, love outdoor sports and nature, interested in life in other countries. I look for heroes and record interviews, help with different texts, translate from English, edit and do design: from letters to long reads.

I cooperate with editorial offices, companies, startups and everybody, who love to learn the world around:
Main editor, leadership
I worked as main editor for startup of excursions from locals HelloGuide. Helped it's founder to graduate from Skolkovo Business Academy (Russian startup valley). I looked for guides, produced excursions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and other cities, collected reviews. Was a leader for a two other editors. Made last corrections to website working system together with programmer, created content.
Interviews about travels, photography
and life in the world
I have three permanent series of interviews: with famous Russian speaking travelers, street photographers and citizens of different corners of the world. I publish these series as a books — this is first project like this in Russia. I have published more than 100 interviews. I will speak with heroes, which can be interesting to you and me.

    Product text
    I wrote 60 answers for FAQ about airplane travels for travel section of Tinkoff Bank — biggest online bank in Russia (2 million customers). I helped also to create questions, finished structure of the FAQ, looked for information in airlines rules, corrected mistakes together with other editors and managers.
        News, articles, photo reports
        From 2015 to 2017 I was an author and editor of online travel guide Arrivo. I published news, articles, interviews, photo reports and even a funny posts. I was responsible for editorial policy, worked with authors. Totaly I released 250 publications. I can easily create topics, format and sections.

          Covers of 25 publications — 10 % of what I released on Arrivo in two years
          Copywriting for social networks
          I wrote 85 posts in Facebook for social startup Meet For Charity — a charity auction, where lots are real meetings with famous people from culture, sports, media, business and politics. My best post was about MTV Russia famous host Tutta Larsen. I also helped to prepare press releases and articles about startup for media.
            Personal travel experience
            I tell about my own travels and share experience. I live in seven countries in North America, Europe and Asia from one month to one year. Participated in cultural exchange and volunteering programs, got writing residence in Finland, worked for repost for largest Russian paper travel magazine and gave radio interviews.

              Posters, books, guides
              I write, design and publish paper posters, advertisings and books. I can help to create conception, collect materials and make it look beautiful.

              Examples of my books:
                I work with clever and creative people, who help me not only in profession, but in life. I appreciate to have good relations with people.
                Lana Stesina
                Main editor of Arrivo online travel guide
                — In two years of working with Ivan the number of views, likes and shares of publications on Arrivo increased in several times. With him articles became more alive and interesting, and the heroes of his interviews became our friends. If you want to find a man, who can make difficult job in short time, here he is.
                Irina Sklyar
                Ex-editor of Bird in Flight magazine
                — Talented journalist and editor. His writing style is laconic figurative. He is responsible and works on time. Very active. He quickly felt the mood of the publication. Finds relevant topics, interesting to the reader. Results of his work is a high number of views of his publications (5-10 thousand on average).
                Alexander Ivanov
                Traveler, writer, eco setteler
                — Ivan is a master of good interview and I can't tell the same about most of the modern journalists. He is an interesting person, whos' best friend is a word. After making interview with him, I don't answer to other journalists. He's the best.
                Olga Satunkina
                Social networks specialist
                — Ivan edited texts of my website about working in social networks. He gave valuable comments, commented on the case. Together we turned it into ready-to-publish material that helped me attract new customers. It's nice to talk with him, it's easy to work with.
                Kirill Kulakov
                CEO of HelloGuide.ru startup
                — Ivan works day and night. He helped me to find diamonds among thousands of guides from around the world for my startup HelloGuide. In a short time he organized excursions in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi. He made a huge contribution to the project.
                Michael Varfolomeev
                Photographer and travel blogger
                — Ivan is an Internet-find, the master of the word. He turns posts and pictures from our blog into magazine articles. He has the talent to make any idea into ready product: beautiful and well packaged. He came up with us to hold a master class on street photography, which collected only positive feedback.
                Timur Tatarintsev
                Editor of Arrivo
                — Vanya is reliable and calm, like a Zen Buddhist or a samurai. When I write to him at two o'clock in the morning, I get a ready-made article in the morning. When I say that the article is like a piece of guano, he edit it. When I'm wrong, Vanya points out a mistake, and we are releasing good material.
                Sergey Maksimov
                Founder of express post service Gtbx.ru
                — I needed text on the main page of my website. The story of the company, what we do, our advantages, in general convincingly sell us to a potential buyer. Ivan did the task by 146%. A month later, when we launched the site, Ivan checked the work, wrote a whole page of comments and suggestions.
                Victor Fomin
                Editor on topics like marketing
                — It was a shame when he was taken to a position of editor of the blog in Aviasales, where I also applied. But Vanya could write for National Geographic, another level of quality. Every editor can make a post "6 methods to save in Taiwan" or something like that, and the content of the level of Ivan, not any.
                Ideas for cooperation
                I write about travel mostly, but take other similar topics too. I'm interested to meet charismatic persons, who have something interesting to tell.

                Always work for good results and not the number of characters in the articles. I appreciate punctual clients and sense of humor. I do not try to do more or better than others, it's more interesting to do not like everyone else.

                For work I use all Google services, Facebook and other social networks, Photoshop, websites and landing pages constructors.

                I speak English, basic learn Italian and like to listen to Finnish language. Russian as my mother tongue.
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