Since 2014, I’ve been helping to create and distribute content on outdoors, sports, ecotourism, travel and other related topics.

I work with local and international media, companies, start-ups and solo entrepreneurs and with those who like to explore the world around.

My specialties are SEO-friendly guides and long reads, interviews with local experts, and just people’s personal experiences their want to share with others.

My home regions are the Italian Alps and Finnish Karelia.

In total, there are 1,000+ publications (pages of content) in almost all genres and formats in my portfolio from news to research which collected millions of views and rank in the top of the Google and Yandex, leading search engine in Russia.

On this page, I’ve collected all publications in English but before I also worked a lot in Russian, and a bit in Italian and in Spanish. Check links to my Russian portfolio are at the end of the page.

150+ guides for PeakVisor app

PeakVisor is a leading argument reality (AR) app for the mountains peaks identification and not only.

To this day, I wrote 150+ guides to the different mountain groups, nature parks and regions in the north of Italy, Finland and Russia for the app’s website section “Explore”, including Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Pale di San Martino, Marmolada, Brenta in the Dolomites, which are the home mountains for both me and PeakVisor.

Content in 15+ genres and formats for Windy.app

Windy.app is a professional weather app, created for water and wind sports.

I’ve edited, managed and wrote a lot of content in different genre and formats: release notes, news, blog posts, press releases, newsletters, articles, App Store features, outdoor guides, app guides, instructions for users, faqs, social media posts, stories, SEO texts, updates, website corporate pages.

For example, there is a good guide on sailing, “How to Get First Time Skipper Experience and Prepare Yourself for Sailing“, I edited and co-wrote with an expert author from Turkey.

5 articles and 50+ product pages for Velospeed.co.uk

Velospeed is online and a real ebikes shop located in Reading, UK, working since 2009.

I wrote five articles on ebikes with a focus on customers experience and SEO optimization. The articles are a part of a big guide to ebikes for beginners:

There are also 50+ product pages on bikes categories, brands, and more.

30+ interviews in Bird In Flight magazine

Bird In Flight is an online magazine about photography and visual culture of international photo bank Depositphotos.com.

In the magazine I have a column, where I speak in English language with world famous street and travel photographers from different countries. The main language of the BIF magazine is Russian, but 4 of my 30+ interviews were published in English.

10 interviews for the website of My Planet TV channel

My Planet is a website, traveler’s club and festival of the largest travel TV channel in Russia, a kind of Discovery Channel.

I’m hosting popular column “The Rules of Life”, for which I recorded 10 interviews with locals, some of the them in English. For example, with Lapland photographer. Other interviews were with Spanish torero, Italian pizzaiolo, Nepalese sherpa, Maori in New Zealand, etc.

Interview for the Beatdom.com

Beatdom.com is a website of the most authoritative paper magazine dedicated to Beat culture.

I made an online interview with British artist Bevin Richardson, who drew an alternative cover and comic book based on Jack Kerouac’s classic book “Dharma Bums” — on a huge long canvas like the original manuscript, and red wine instead of ink! We talked about his work, Beat culture, traveling and outdoors.

30+ texts for the festival “Times and Epochs” in Moscow

Times and Epochs is largest historical festival in Europe, which has been held in Moscow for 10 years now. It has many international participants and visitors.

As a leading editor, I worked there on English language content for the website, app, presentations, print materials. For example, I’ve edited descriptions of 30 thematic sites, FAQ and did other similar work in English language.

About page for Central Park of Saint Petersburg

Central Park of Saint Petersburg, also known as “Yelagin Island“, is the largest park on an island in the center of the city and unique protected natural complex.

I wrote a page about park and it’s history on the website in English language.

Airbnb experience “Open Dolomites With Outdoor Journalist”

Since 2013, in the summer I live in Dolomites, Italy, and host one day Airbnb experience for travelers, who to come to the mountains from Venice and Verona to have non-touristic ecotourism impressions.

I tell and show them local nature, traditions, culture and modern life in the part of Italy. The same I do in the winter in Sochi, Black Sea, Russia with experience Creative Hiking to Waterfalls.

Other works with international companies and media

I’ve worked with some Russian (and international) companies and media on different content in Russian language:

  • interview for Linguatrip (participant of 500 Startups);
  • 3 PR articles for large Russian-European online travel agency OneTwoTrip;
  • 4 PR articles for BeepCar (now a part of BlaBlaCar);
  • interview for oldest travel agency in Cabo Verde Barracuda Travel;
  • official tourism organizations Visit Finland, Dolomiti.it, Visit San Martino and Pro Loco Lamon share my posts and Instagram stories;
  • and some other work on the way.


  1. I’m interested in charismatic people who have something to say about themselves and their experiences, and cool products and services that are fun to use.
  2. I don’t try to do more or better than others, it is more interesting to do thing differently.
  3. I have a good sense of humor, as I think.

Read seven more important things about working with me.


“Ivan is talented journalist and editor. Very active. He quickly felt the mood of Bird In Flight magazine. He could find topics and heroes, interesting to readers. This is confirmed by the high number of views of his publications on our website (5–10k on average).” — Irina Sklyar, ex-editor of Bird In Flight magazine, Kiev

“I really liked my interview about living in Georgia for My Planet. Thank you Ivan for the cool, interesting to answer and fun questions!” — Daria Kholodilina, ex-manager of the Tourism Administration of Georgia, Tbilisi

“Ivan is engine. He has find diamonds among thousands of guides from around the world for my startup HelloGuide. In a short time he organized excursions in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi. He’s a mix of indefatigability and fine taste! During his time as editor-in-chief of the project, he made a huge contribution to it.” — Kirill Kulakov, CEO of HelloGuide start-up, Moscow, Russia

“Ivan’s last interview with hero from Malaysia is great!” — Alexanda Gurieva, editor-in-chief of the website My Planet, Moscow, Russia

“I got to know Ivan and was awesome how integral and interesting he is. It was a shame when he was not accepted as an editor of the blog at Aviasales.ru, our leading service for cheap flights. But Vanya is more like National Geographic author. Any editor-copywriter can make a post 6 Methods to Save Money in Taiwan or something like that, and not any content of Ivan’s level.” — Victor Fomin, editor in marketing website Cossa.ru, Moscow, Russia

“This was one of the best Airbnbs that I have stayed at! The small town of Lamon is a great place to stay if you love hiking and adventures that are off the beaten path. Ivan was an amazing host! He made me feel welcome and is also very knowledgable about the area. I would recommend this place and him for 100%!” — Lauren, traveler, Ontario, Canada

“I needed a tour guide to the Dolomites for my individual tour for two friends. Vanya was great! Boring tour guide is not about Vanya.” — Yulia Kireeva, organizer of Indochina Tiger Travel, Hanoi, Vientnam

“There is a category of people who know how to write very smart and tasty. They light up the appetite of people around them. So the author was able to enchant so much with his story about a temporary move to Georgia that now we will discuss a possible (no, 100%!) trip to Tbilisi with our family.” — Vladimir Frolov, reader of start-up magazine vc.ru, Moscow, Russia

“Vanya is a rare master of a good interview, a friend of the words. After communicating with him, I stopped answering the questions sent to me from any other press.” — Alexander Ivanov, writer and traveler, Altai, Russia

“Ivan turns posts and photos from our blog into magazine articles that you can be proud of. He has the talent to make finished product: beautiful and well packaged. He came up with (and literally forced us to) hold a master class on street photography, which collected only positive feedback.” — Mishail Varfalomeev, blogger and street photographer, St. Petersburg, Russia

“The Airbnb experience Hiking to Sochi Waterfalls was carefully designed. Ivan know the small places very well and the experience was perfect.” — S. Maad, IT-specialist, Karachi, Pakistan


100+ outdoor publications

Publications about Finland and Dolomites

156 travel interviews

Russian language portfolio