Personal experience

I’m an author of 50+ publications on personal experience. Here I have collected some of them in English. I give an insider’s look at the travel journalism profession, remote work, moving and living in other countries, and more, as well as reflecting on the nature of creativity, the benefits of outdoor activities, and the like.


What outdoors and creativity have in common. Interview to

How to become an outdoor journalist and to achieve work-life balance. Interview to Sport Marathon

Downshifting in the Dolomites. Interview to radio Echo of Moscow


I work remotely from the Dolomites, Italy. Advice on housing, workplaces, and more

Why I fell in love with Italy once and forever

A true story about finding the best job in the world and a new home in the Dolomites


The rules of life of Russian freelance journalists


What we can learn from cycling in the mountains

What is a successful journey