Creative Outdoors in the Dolomites

This is a story about the changes in life we are helping you make through 20+ outdoor, eco-tourism and creative activities: from hiking and easy mountain biking to bar crawling and learning the Italian language. Sometime all together.

— Since 2013, me and my friends have been helping to organize different outdoor and eco-tourism activities in the Dolomites with the cooperation of official local tourism organizations and people.

Our home is Lamon, a town near the border between two magnificent neighboring valleys: Feltrino and Premiero, and, at the same time, two regions: Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. The nearest cities are Feltre and Belluno. You can come here in 2-5 hours from Venice, Treviso, Verona, Trento, Padua, Udine.

This is a contents page of a big guide, dedicated to what you can see, do, taste, enjoy and create here. The last word is the most important. That’s how you change and contribute to better present and future of the local community.

Some activities are for beginners, some are for experienced amateurs in outdoors. In some activities like hiking and cycling, you can participate with us in a personal or groups excursions and tours, some are information for your self-guided travel. Some are one-day, and some are multi-days.

Another important thing is that often you will mix outdoors, ecotourism and creativity. For example, you hike in Lamon during a day and have a dinner in restaurant with local food. And then write a story about it, that will help you find your hidden talent of a writer, or a photographer.

Choose what you like the most or want to try for the first time! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in Contacts, if you don’t find them on the website.

Summer Outdoor and Sport Activities


One day hikes up to 3 days


3-5 days from hut to hut

Easy Mountain Biking and E-biking

No need of experience

Cycling Passes Up to 2000 m

Road bikes, experience needed

Duathloan: Cycling + Hiking / Running

Our personal version

Road Running

In the villages and towns

Trail Running

Experience needed


In the park near the river


Experience and beginners

Via Ferrata for Beginners

That will change your life

Gym and Rock Climbing

With pros

Winter Outdoor and Sport Activities

Skiing and Snowboarding


Local Outdoor Brands Factories and Stores Excursions

Sportful, Castelli and Karpos

Aku Shoes

Eco tourism

Food and Vine… and Grappa

Bar Crawling

Agritourism: Beans and Goats

History and Archeology

Architecture, Design, Arts and Crafts

Photo Walks

Оrganized Groups

If you’re an organized group of 5-15 people, we can host you in Lamon, too, with the focus on almost all activities mentioned on this page. Plus:

Football Camps Right in This Field

Italian Language Schools

24/7 non-touristic practice


Each Day on a Week — New Challenge

Creative and Social Projects

Postcards to Friends

Free Walking Tours

1-2 times a month

And if you don’t see your activity or topic of interest, once again, don’t hesitate to ask.

See you in L❤️m🌞n, Dolomites!

Photos: Ivan Kuznetsov, Pro Loco Lamon, Altipiano Verticale, Dominik Wycisło, Sportful, Aku, Alta Badia, Alesia Kazantceva, Premiero Marathon.