There is an outdoor document worth to read

Somewhere in 2019 a group of 12 outdoor enthusiasts in Italy composed an interesting and important document — The Clean Outdoor Manifestо. It is worth reading to anyone who is interested in outdoors and eco-tourism and wants to do activities in the nature responsibly to it and also to the local communities.

— The manifesto was presented in Milan on 16th May, 2019 in the store of the well-known outdoor brand Patagonia, who is also known for active position in nature protecting:

Clean Outdoor Manifesto in English
Read larger version in PDF

That’s what they say about themselves:

We’re snowboarders, we’re skiers, we’re runners, we’re climbers, we’re cyclists, we’re trekkers. We’re everything that’s outdoor. We are practitioners, we are professionals, we are beginners and we are — all of us — guided by the same passions. We are those who have tried to look for ourselves in the natural environment and who recognize this process as fundamental for the growth of human culture.

And here’s the line from the manifesto that I liked the most:

Nowadays, outdoor practices are the object of a growing business and increasingly often exploited by marketing logics that push towards mere spectacle, we reiterate the importance of the PURE ESSENCE of OUTDOOR as a way to reconnect with the deepest and truest part of ourselves.

There are about two dozen such ideas and calls for action.

You can find out more about it on the website of the same name, where you can sign it or tell about it in social networks with a special hashtag.

I usually do not sign such a collective papers, even if I share all or some of their principles, preferring to act independently or in a smaller group of people when you see the result at once.

However, it is an interesting document that is at least worth reading. It has thoughts and ideas to think about. It has inspired me to take even more time outdoors and take care of the environment.

I even translated it into Russian and sent it to the authors with a request to add it to the website. They haven’t answered yet…

Author: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: working in lobby of Ibis Hotel in Munich in May 2018.

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