The north versus south: where to live in Russia. Invitation to webinar at

The next week, I invite you to participate in the webinar “North vs south: where to live and vacation in Russia”, which is organized by the is the leading local service for short-term housing rentals in Russia. It has rooms, apartments, and houses, and more — a kind of “Russian Airbnb”.

At the webinar, you will learn tips from me and the specialists of the service on the following topics:

  • Independent search and rental housing in Russia
  • Budget vacation in different regions
  • The mentality of southerners and northerners
  • Differences in living conditions in the north and south
  • Sights of Karelia and the Caucasus
  • Interesting and important nuances of “wild” holidays

For the part three years I have been mostly living in Sochi in winter and in my native Karelia in summer.

I also offered the topic of the webinar on the basis of the eternal confrontation between north and south. But of course, this is a bit of a joke: the north and south of Russia have never been at war with each other, unlike in the United States, and, if you don’t take nature, there are fewer differences in living conditions here than, for example, in the south and north of Italy.

Tvil speakers:

  • Oksana Shustikova — Deputy General Director
  • Anatoly Salnikov — leading business development manager

The webinar is held on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, at 8 pm (Moscow time). To participate, follow the link at the end of the announcement on and follow the instructions.

The language of the webinar is Russian.

July 26 update: The webinar was recorded and published on the YouTube channel. Watch the video.

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Sochi International Airport © Ivan Kuznetsov