Get inspired for mountaineering in the Dolomites from the photos of Ruggero Alberti

Mountaineering in the Dolomites is a set of mountains-related activities: different kinds of climbing, ski touring, traversing via ferratas (metal ropes and stairs) and some other. Maybe a more familiar word to you is alpinism. If you already do it, you can call yourself a climber or a mountaineer. If no, get inspired for the new activities from the photos of local photographer from Primiero Valley Ruggero “Ru” Alberti.

Ruggero “Ru” Alberti
Mountaineer, photographer and specialist at Provincial Forestry Corps of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Corpo Forestale della Provincia Autonoma di Trento)

— For many people the mountain is simply an element of the landscape, something beautiful, to admire from home or during their holidays, for others it is a pile of rock.

For me, the mountain is everything.

When I am on a peak or even simply in the woods, I feel alive and an integral part of everything around me. I love the mountain and towards it I have a feeling of respect that comes from the desire to know its deepest aspects, its rhythms and its will.

I realize this personal vision of mine by getting up in the middle of the night to walk for several hours and reach little frequented places. Other times I reach the top of a mountain at sunset and then stay there to sleep.

Most of the time I am always alone in these photographic outings.

On the photos

Regions, towns and mountains: Trentino Alto-Adige, Corvara (Alta Badia), Pale di San Martino and other.

Cimas (summits) and via ferratas: Al Bilico, via Franceschini — Campanil Pradidali, Cima della Madonna, Ghiacciaio del Travignolo, Cima delle Scarpe, Cima del Coro, via Rizzi — Roda di Vael and other.

Cameras: Nikon D810, Sony RX100, smartphone.

Climbers: @zeni.valerio, @zeni.ale, @alexzugliani, @patrickgasperini, @corona_renzo, @riccardoscarian and other.

Author: Ivan Kuznetsov.

Photos: Rugerro Alberti. Follow “Ru” in Instagram and Facebook!

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