The Creative Dolomites Project (CDP) is a personal project of the local outdoor writer, his family and friends dedicated to creativity of the people, nature and the “genius loci”* of the Pale Mountains.

The goal of the project is to help the development of sustainable “eco” tourism in two magnificent neighboring valleys in the Dolomites: Feltrino and Primiero, as well as in the region in general.

We believe that this leads to positive changes both in the life of local communities, and on a trail of your life.

We are trying to make it through creative hiking and cycling in the Dolomites, plus other outdoor adventures and active sports, creative and social initiatives. You will mix them with volunteering, sustainability, self-education and free-thinking.

To live simpler, hike stronger, create better.

Learn more about the concept of the project and the particular impact we make (soon) or jump right to your next hike, bike ride or other adventure you like or want to try for the first time.

* “Man’s connection with his place of habitation is mysterious but obvious. Or so: unquestionable, but mysterious. The genius loci, “the spirit of the place“, known to the ancients, who connects intellectual, spiritual and emotional phenomena with their material environment, is responsible for it. <…>. In the lines of the organic intersection between the artist and the place of his life and work, a new, previously unknown reality emerges, one that passes neither through nor of art, nor of geography”. — Petr Vail, Genius loci (Corpus, Russian language, 2019).

Cover photo: hiking in the lake Colbricon in the Lagorai mountains in the Dolomites in September 2019 © Irina Kudres.

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