The complete guide to wind sports and the wind speed required to practice them

There are many different kinds of sport and outdoor activities that require wind. The question is: what is the wind speed? The wind gusts and wind direction are also very important.

For example, sailing and windsurfing are equally impossible in stormy and calm weather. Even runners and slackliners are affected by wind, yes. But not that much as those who use sails, flies, and bikes.

Let’s learn what are the main types of windsports you can try and what kind of wind is a friend or an enemy for you as sportsmen.

What are wind sports

In general, windsport is any sport based on wind force. As a rule, wind outdoor activities use aerodynamic structures that allow you to catch and control the wind: sails, kites, parachutes, wings.

Almost all wind outdoor activities are extreme sports as they depend on uncontrollable weather conditions.

I guess that includes also drones because it’s easy to lose them because of the weather. The higher the wind speed, the faster the drone runs out of battery and the more difficult it’s to control it. In addition, standard drones can fly at a speed of no more than 10 m/s. Isn’t that an extreme sport?!

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Text: Natalia Kirasheva and Irina Artemova. Ivan Kuznetsov contributed to this article

Photo: Unsplash