Slogan and other texts for the home page of the Getbox delivery service

Getbox is an express delivery service with an office located in Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost city, that provides express delivery of packages, parcels, and important documents throughout Russia and the world.

This is a small and new company that has made its very first simple website where customers can learn about the company and its employees, ask questions, calculate the delivery time and cost, and make orders.

The company’s director, Sergey Maximov, contacted me as an editor with a request to help to create a home page that would help to “sell” it to a potential customer.

I came up with the structure of the main page, consisting of several subsections. Here are its sample parts:

Home page of the Getbox express delivery service website:
  • What we do perfectly. Here we told about what the company does and why it turns out to be excellent, not just good or satisfactory. I suggested the emphasis on the word “excellent” because in terms of cargo delivery no other result but excellent will not be considered a result.
  • What kind of delivery we won’t do. In this subsection we have collected cases and formats of work, which the company does not do, to immediately answer the 100 unnecessary questions (“Can you deliver elephant to Antarctica”) and reduce the time the company’s employees to solve more important problems.
  • What we are proud of. Here I suggested Maxim to tell me a few stories of incredible deliveries, which required the company’s employees to work extra hard and also brought excellent results. For example, the company delivered fragile window frames across half of Eurasia, creating a special mounting system for the customer and not breaking a single window on the way.

To summarize the features of the company and at the same time create a motivating start for the page, I came up with the company slogan:

With us, you will have time to do more.

In our opinion, it conveys its main value — saving the sender time with an excellent delivery result.

At the end, we got a page of texts that Maxim posted on the site himself.

I did not work on the design of the site, but I also gave my free design recommendations, because text can never be separate from design.


“I needed a structure and the texts for the home page of my website: a story about the company, what we do, our advantages, in general, convincingly “sell” us to a potential customer.

Ivan coped with the task by 146%.

At first, he interviewed me and got to know more about my business and my task. Then he developed the structure of the future page and wrote the first draft. After that, we again conducted an even more detailed interview. I made some notes.

In 5 days the first draft was ready. The text is super, the structure is perfect.

A month later when we launched the site Ivan checked the work and wrote a page of comments and suggestions.

Thanks a lot for the work and involvement in the project!”

— Sergey Maximov, founder and director of the Getbox express delivery survice

Update: The company stopped operating several years ago. The site does not show up in Google search results anymore, but I have saved a screenshot of the beginning of the home page, where you can see the slogan.

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Victoria Kubiaki / Unsplash