Meet the main electric planes companies

Electric planes are just another “old” means of transportation, that are now getting “electrolyzed”. We already have electric cars, scooters, ebikes, ferries, and so on, which now don’t surprise anybody. The same cannot be said for airplanes.

Electric aircraft are more resource-intensive to produce and supply, that’s why they came later. This is one of its greatest questions that are to be solved in the future. But the future is already around us.

Nowadays many companies are striving for new electric planes. Such big companies as Airbus, Boeing, JetBlue are pouring millions of dollars into the development of electric planes. They develop not only huge aircraft for hundreds of passengers but also some private or unmanned planes.

However, the most successful companies are smaller ones that you probably haven’t even heard of yet, unless you have a private plane and are specifically interested in this topic.

For example, today you can purchase your first electric plane for $140,000 from Pipistrel company — one of the leaders of the industry. All you need to do is visit one of their distribution centers to get more information on purchasing.

Before pulling out your credit card, learn more about six leading electric planes companies in this article.

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Text: Ilia Ponomarev, a linguist and translator from Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia. Ivan Kuznetsov contributed to this article

Cover photo: Heart Aerospace