Texts for Velospeed.co.uk product pages

As part of the cooperation with Velospeed.co.uk — local ebikes store in the UK, I edited and wrote texts for several product pages of their website.

Previously, the texts were written in different styles and volumes, were not properly adapted for search questions and, therefore, they didn’t brought new visitors to the site.

The goas was to change it.

Outdoor writer Ivan Kuznetsov
Ivan Kuznetsov
Outdoor writer from the Dolomites, Italy, and Karelia, Finland

— In around a week I studied all more than 10 categories of bicycles in the store, including the main product category of electric bikes, came up with a five-part description template and wrote texts based on it.

The template includes more or less the following sub-paragraphs — one per small paragraph of text:

  • what is
  • why this category of ebikes is needed or its main features or differences
  • motors
  • brands and examples of ebikes models
  • prices

Some parts of the texts, which was written well, I left and added.

The result is clear and understandable texts adapted to search questions, which at the same time can be easily and happily read by a person, not just a Google search robot, if he/she suddenly comes to the page too.

The list of other pages include city ebikes, road electric bikes, electric MTBs, women’s ebikes, cargo and family ebikes, and some others.

I also wrote about ebikes sale in the same format so we have seven pages in total.

Then, we continued with pages of ebikes brands. I studies and wrote about 20 models of Moustache ebikes — a leading brand from France, with the following structure:

  • What this ebike is for
  • What are the main features of this ebike
  • Why choose this ebike

In total, 27 product pages.

(Not all of the pages are currently published due to the fact that the company is still posting them.)

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Nimiway Bikes / Unsplash

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