Publications On Dolomites and Italy

From 2014 to 2020 I have published 30+ articles about Dolomites and Italy in various genre and formats: from posts in social networks to public talks.

Publications & Blogs

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Journalism and Editing

Interview with @italia_untouristic

The Local Food of Alta Badia: Part 1, Part 2

The Rules of Life of Italian Pizzaiolo

Seize The Day: Advice on Street Photography by Angelo Ferrillo

Posts in Social Networks

Hiking the Flowers Trail in Dolomites

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Guide in the Dolomites


Free PDF-guide to Italy

The Trail. Travelogue on 8 Months of Life and Volunteering in Ecotourism in Dolomites

Video Lectures & Podcasts

Podcast at radio Echo of Moscow

Lecture in biggest Moscow outdoor store Sport Marathon

Lecture at annual Italian Week Festival in Moscow 2019 + 20 press releases with my name in it in leading Russian media

Live broadcast in travel service

Video column Venice in One Minute in


Boomstarter (Russian Kickstarter) project of the Trail book (above)

Travel Experience in Numbers

  • 5 Schengen visas + 1 Italian
  • 8 trips in Dolomites: 2013 (2), 2014, 2017, 2018 (2), 2019 (2)
  • 1+ month each trip
  • 1,5 years in the Dolomites totally
  • 6 cities: Feltre, Belluno, Trento, Bolzano, Padua, Treviso, Venice, Vizenca, Verona, Brescia, Milan, Florence, Rome (transfer), Naples
  • 12+ villages: Lamon, Arina, Imer, Fiera di Premiero, San Martino di Castrozza, Predazzo, Cavalese, Caprile, Auronzo di Cadore, Aleghe, Cannegliano, Sernaglia della Bottaglia…
  • 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • 10 different roles: postcrosser, backpacker, couchsurfer, eco-volunteer, hiker, Airbnb user and host, writer, journalist, lector, guide
  • 1 national park: Dolomiti Bellunessi
  • 7 mountain groups: Vetter Feltrine, Lagorai, Pale di San Martino, Sella, Marmolada, Tre Cime di Lavoredo, Nuvolau
  • 10 big hikes from one to 5 days: Coppolo, Avena, Pavione, Totoga, Pale di San Martino, Colbricon, Ombretta, Tre Cime, Nuvolau
  • 7 passes on bicycle: Le Ej, Crode d’Aune, Brocon, Rolle, Pordoi, Campolongo, Falzarego
  • 6 refugios to sleep: Rosetta, Pradidali, Canali Treviso, Locateli, Auronzo, Tre Scarperi
  • 2 bivacos: Renato Reali (Pale di San Martino), Marco del Bianco (Marmolada)
  • 2 memberships: Tourism Association of Lamon (ATL), CAI
  • 10 types of transport: cars, hitchhiking, Trenitalia, Dolomiti Bus / Trentino Trasporti, hiking, cycling / mountain biking, swimming
  • 10s kg of pizza, pasta, polenta and other Italian food
  • 100s posts in Instagram
  • 1000s photos in iPhone needed to separate
  • A lot of great friends!
  • …in a place I now call my first home!

Portfolio and CV