Feedback to Deepl Translator on improving the app’s icon

The creators of Deepl, the best AI-powered machine translator, improved their iOS app icon, thanks to my feedback.

With the discovery of the translator in 2020, my life was divided into “before” and “after”: I started to write and publish large texts in English, which was impossible with Google or other services because the quality of the translation was and still too bad. Deepl is 1000 times better. Now I use their service all the time. For me, it is easier to write large text in Russian, translate it and then edit than in English.

That’s why I’ve been waiting for a Deepl iOS app. When it finally arrived in the July 2021, I immediately noticed that the long name of the app did not fit in the line below the icon. In this case, Apple puts the trailing dot, which in my editor’s opinion, not only looks unattractive but also impractical — you can’t read the whole name, you have to guess it even if you know it. It is especially, let’s be true, ugly in comparison with others apps around, who had the good sense not to use long names in icons.

I wrote to the developers about this to their email address for feedback. Here is my exact email of July 30, 2021:


Thank you for finally releasing the Deepl app for iOS!

Small advice: the app’s name is better to write just “Deepl” rather the “Deepl Translate” because in the latter case it looks like “Deep Transl…” — not beautiful, in my opinion. There is not much space for app’s names in smartphones.

The screen from my iPhone SE 1 is attached:”

Deepl Translate app for iOS

About a month after:

Deep Translate app for iOS after feedback


By the way, I also wrote this text first in Russian and then translated it with Deepl and edited it — just a little bit. In the case of Google, I would have had to rewrite it all over again.

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Malte Helmhold / Unsplash