Creative hiking weekend in the Dolomites, Italy

Travel to the mountains from any Italian city for 3 days hiking weekend in the Dolomites up to 3,000 m with an overnight stays at a family B&B and/or a mountain hut (rifugio).

The overview

For 3 days (3 nights) you will to come to a non-touristic mountain village in less than 100 km from Treviso, Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona or Trento. Your local guide will be an outdoor journalist.

You will meet at a train station in the city of Feltre, which is called one of the “doors to the Dolomites”. We will basically open these doors, walk through the city and take a bus ride (30 min) higher in the mountains (600 m).

From the first day in the village, like at home, we will continue to open the doors and explore local life as it is:

  • stay at charming family B&B,
  • walk the same streets as Italians walk,
  • meet and make friends with them,
  • visit 8th-century church on a hill with a 360 degree view on the mountains of National Park of Belluno Dolomites,
  • make half-day hiking along the ancient Roman road Via Claudia Augusta to a hidden beautiful lake,
  • had a dinners at family pizzeria and family restaurant and drink a bit of grappa in a bar with locals,
  • and much more.

In the second day you will go for a bigger hiking to one the nearest mountain ranges: Vette Feltrino (National Park of Belluno Dolomites), Pale di San Martino — Panneveggio Natural Park or Lagorai (Cima di Asta) — up to your choice. All three located in less than 60 minutes bus ride.

In the mountains you will see new villages and make hiking up to 3000 m with an over night stay at typical mountain hut in the Dolomites (refugio) from June 21 to October 21. You will have a place to sleep in a dormitory room (4-8 people), dinner and shower, and other hikers to communicate with.

In the third day you will continue hiking for another half of the day to one of the beautiful mountain valleys and return to the village. At the dinner at family restaurant with typical local food you will discuss the hike with the guide and other locals.

In the spring (from May to June 21) you will do three daily hikes with stay at B&B every day, because refugio will be closed.

During the hike you will learn about the nature, traditions, culture, and modern life of two mountain valleys: Feltrino and Primiero, and the Dolomites in general.

You will get to know each other with a guide, share life and professional experience and just reboot and have fun. Some new words and phrases in Italian (and even Russian) will help you to understand this area better, communicate with locals and make a positive impact on their life. From them you will learn their life vision and some practical tips on how to live simpler, hike stronger and create better.

At the end of this creative hiking weekend in the Dolomites, in Monday morning, you will come back to Feltre and home.


My name is Ivan. I’m an outdoor journalist and writer. I live and make creative hiking and cycling in the Dolomites since 2013, when I first came… and stayed here. I fell in love with the place: both nature and people. I finished local school of environmental education, walked and rode hundreds of paths and roads on my feet and on my bike, wrote a several books on my experience in the Dolomites. I know the nature, traditions and modern life in community very well and will share my knowledge with you.

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  • Dates: every weekend from May to November, 2021.
  • People: 3—6 person. We are children, families and couples-friendly.
  • Languages: needed basic English, Italian or Russian.
  • Start: from Venice, Verona or any other Italian city to Feltre to be here from 9 to 14 o’clock. Check the schedule and buy tickets at, learn how to travel in Italy by trains.
  • Finish: Feltre at 10 o’clock, then back to Venice, Verona, or other cities.
  • Duration: 2 full days hiking, 1 day traveling in public transportation and walking in village, totally: 3 days.
  • Level of difficulty: middle (high climbs, but only for 1,5 days — you can do it).
  • Altitude difference: 1000 m up, 1000 m down.
  • Total hiking distance in 3 days: around 25 km (10 km +15 km + 10 km).
  • Drinks and food: a picnic at the lake, family pizzeria, breakfast in B&B, packed lunch for hiking from a supermarket, three course dinner and breakfast in a mountain hut, again lunch, three course dinner at family restaurant, all days — drinks in a bars.
  • Things to take: good hiking boots or shoes, jacket, raincoat or umbrella.
  • Gifts from a local: one of the beautiful and useful paper product from the Creative Dolomites Bookstore.


“I want life to be different after the hike, because it just can’t be the same.” — Irina, communications specialist from Feltre

“This great journey has given me mountains of new things. I’ve learned a new side of myself that I’ve never seen before.” — Tanya, photographer from Moscow

“The main impression is not even how beautiful the mountains it is, but understanding of what incredible heights you can climb.” — Katya, analyst from Moscow

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Participating in this creative day hike in the Dolomites you are not only discovering the region through outdoor activity you like or want to try for the first time, but becoming a part of The Creative Dolomites Project (CDP), a friend and a family member, as we say in Italy. Making this hike possible we are helping to development of sustainable tourism in the region. This leads to positive changes both on a trail of your life and the life of a local communities in two mountain valleys: Feltrino and Primiero. Learn more about the concept and the particular impact we make.

Feel free to sign in, or ask any questions. Probably, we have already answered some of them in QA.

Photos © Ivan Kuznetsov, Irina Serdukovskaya, Tatiana Kuznetsova and participants of creative hiking in the Dolomites.