Creative Dolomites Q&A

— Where are the Feltrino and Primiero Dolomites located?

Feltrino and Primiero are two mountain valleys in the south of the Dolomites, and the Pale Mountains, like they also called, located in the northern Italy between Venice and Verona in the south, Pordenone and Udine in the east, Bergamo and Milan in the west and Bolzano and Innsbruck in the north.

— How better to get to these valleys?

— You need to fly to Venice, Treviso or Verona. It’s 3-4 hours by train and bus to our village from these cities, and the closest city to our village is Feltre. You can also fly to Milan/Bergamo, Bologna and other cities in northern Italy, but it takes longer to get there.

— How much does it cost to travel to the Dolomites?

Buses and trains are cheap (by European standards) in Italy. For example, a train from Venice to the Feltre costs 7.5 euros, from where the most beautiful places in the Dolomites can be reached by bus for 40-50 euros. Moving by public transport, you not only save on car rentals, but also immerse yourself in local life.

— Do I need to know Italian or English?

You do not need to know Italian. I speak Italian and will be an interpreter wherever we go. It’s advisable to know English so you can explain yourself. Not everyone in Italy knows it. But still, it’s better than sign language. If you know any other popular European language (Spanish, French, German, or maybe Russian…) — it will also be a plus.

— Do I need a visa and travel insurance?

— If you are not from European country, you may need a Schengen visa to Italy. Check this before the trip at The insurance should cover 30 thousand euros and the whole period of travel. It is not necessary to do special sports insurance if you behave carefully in the mountains and protect yourself from possible injuries.

— What kind of physical training should I have?

— It depends on the activity you choose. For day hikes you don’t need any training. For hiking weekend, hut-to-hut multi day hut-to-hut trekking or mountain biking and cycling is it preferably to have a good physical training. We will walk or cycle a lot in the mountains! There are no straight roads in the Dolomites — all the time either down or up. If you do not do sports, a month before the trip, start doing daily exercises: push-ups, squats and abs. Then your arms and legs will not fall off.

— Do I need to take special wear, equipment, other gear?

— In general, no. You can walk in the mountains in normal sports clothes and shoes, but it is better to take mountain boots and special cloth for hiking. And proper cloth for cycling is also needed. Anyway, clothes should be the one you’ll be comfortable sweating. (Sweat = mountains.) I will send you an exact list of things that are better to take to the Dolomites.

— What kind of things I can get on your place?

— In the village we have almost everything: info point, supermarket, pharmacy, grocery store with the possibility to pay for an Italian mobile internet, free Wi-Fi at cafes, ATMs (Unicredit and Banca Popolare di Verona), small outdoor store with a minimum of essential things, book shop, bars/restaurants/gelateria.

— What about safety in the Dolomites?

— It is safe both in the villages and in the mountains. The Italian village is a small town with stone houses, clean streets, bars, cafes and shops. The people are friendly. In the mountains the only real danger is bad weather.

— What if the no program doesn’t suit me?

— Me and my friends will be glad if you come to the Dolomites on your own. I could help with housing and an interesting program: sports, cultural, gastronomic, children’s… We have many options for active recreation!

Don’t hesitate to write any questions you don’t see above.