The Creative Dolomites Project

This is a story about positive changes on a trail of your life and the life of a local communities of two mountain valleys: Feltrino an Primiero. We are helping to make it through creative hiking and cycling in the Dolomites, plus 20 other outdoor activities and sports. You will mix them with eco-tourism, creation, volunteering, sustainability, self-education and freethinking to live simpler, hike stronger and create better. That’s why it is all called “Creative Dolomites”. Learn more about the concept or jump right to your next hike, bike ride, or other activity you like or want to try.

Summer Outdoors

Easy Day Hikes in the Dolomites

Travel from Treviso or Padua with first 6 o’clock train for 8 hours day hike and return home in the same day with no night stay

Hiking Weekend in the Dolomites

Travel from any Italian city for 3 hiking days in the mountains up to 2500 m with a stay at family B&B and a mountain hut

Photos © Ivan Kuznetsov.

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