I’m glad to cooperate with local and international media, companies, start-ups, and independent entrepreneurs in English, Italian and Russian languages. There are 10 important things about working with me:

  1. I write about outdoors and travel in a broad sense. I like some related topics: foreign languages, creativity, photography, sports, etc. I don’t write about topics of not of my interest.
  2. I’m interested in charismatic people who have a story to tell and cool products that are fun to use.
  3. I don’t do freelance work for single texts, only a series of publications from 5–10 texts, project work and part-time work (4+ hours per day).
  4. I work usually for a full advance payment, which can be paid in parts. Payment is mainly for the result, not the time or number of words. I discussed fees and the format of employment after clarification of tasks. I can work with major publications and companies as you usually do. I can make a contract.
  5. I don’t work in the following genres/formats: advertising texts, newsletters, social networks posts.
  6. I don’t try to do more or better than others, it is more interesting to do things not like everyone else.
  7. I use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides; Slack and Trello; Photoshop; WhatsApp/Telegram; Google Analytics, Search Console and Trends; Ahrefs and some other SEO tools; Skype and Zoom. I quickly understand the custom and standard CMS like WordPress.
  8. I share my experiences in travel and business communities.
  9. I speak English, learning Italian, and love to listen to Finnish.
  10. I have a good sense of humor.

Feel free to contact me, ask any questions or advice, offer cooperation or just share some ideas.