I am the author of several books, two of which have been self-published.

Major books

These are my main and long-form books about travel in the broadest sense of the word.

The Overview Trail. How to travel, live in the world and be your true self

A memoir about 10-year transformative journey across Eurasia and the world

I am writing this book now and planning to finish it by November 2023, so I am looking for an agent to help me get it published before the summer or fall of 2024. If you are one of them or want to tell about it in your media (interview, guest post, etc.), please contact me. The book is in English.

“The Overview Trail” draft cover which can change

Minor books

These are my simpler and shorter books based on my journalistic and editorial writing.

The mountain keeper

A travelogue about a year at the best job in the world in the Dolomites, Italy

Helicon Plus, Saint Petersburg, September 5, 2014, Russian language, first edition. Ridero, Ekaterinburg (Ural), March 31, 2015, Russian language, second edition

“The Mountain Keeper” book front cover

I’m arriving

The first-ever collection of interviews with famous Russian speaking travelers

Arrivo Media / Ridero, Moscow / Ekaterinburg (Ural), February 28, 2018, Russian language, first edition

“I am arriving” book front cover


These are books by other authors, in creation of which I participated in one way or another.

  1. Editing of the book “The Basic Meteorology for Wind Sports and Outdoors. The Textbook for Better Weather Forecasting”, including tittle, cover, structure, 100+ illustrations, and authorship of several lessons
  2. Translation of the legend “The Colour Splendor Of The Lake Of Carezza” from the book “The Dolomites and Their Legends” (Raetia, 2013) by Karl Felix Wolf from English into Russian as a fragment of my book “The Mountain Keeper”
  3. Abstract for the cover of the book “Everything is Possible” (Bombora, 2019) by Dasha Pakhtusova, an author of the travel bestseller published by Eksmo, the largest publishing house in Russia
  4. The idea and structure of the self-published book of answers to FAQs about living in an eco-village “To Live in the Forest, To Pray to the Wheel” by Alexander Ivanov, one of the most famous travelers in Russia, and a published author of “Outside the Сity. Independent Life in an Eco-village” (Treemedia, 2019)
  5. An updates of the free PDF guidebooks on two of my favorite regions of Italy and Finland for Arrivo travel site, one of the leading in Russia between 2012 and 2017 with 1.5M visitors/month at its peak

Orari (Working hours)

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Cover photo: Ivan Kuznetsov