My first major book, a nature memoir-travelogue “The Overview Trail” is on the way in 2024.

As a journalist and editor, I was an author of two minor self-published books: a 250-page ecological travelogue “The mountain keeper. A year at the best job in the world in the Dolomites, Italy” and “I’m Arriving. How to travel, live in the world and be your true self” — the first-ever collection of 40 interviews with 55 famous Russian-speaking travelers, including myself.

For both books, I organized crowdfunding campaigns that raised 1,000+ euros from 110+ sponsors in total. Then I additionally officially sold 100+ copies through Ridero publishing platform and distributed 500+ free copies with hundreds of positive reviews.

I also participated in five literary side-projects, the largest of which is an abstract for the cover of a fellow travel writer’s debut travelogue “Everything is possible” published by Eksmo, the largest publisher of books of all genres in Russia with 1.4 million monthly visitors on its site. Upon release, it immediately became a bestseller: the author is one of the country’s most famous bloggers with 20,000+ followers.

Other four projects include editing the meteorological textbook for wind sports and outdoors with 100+ lessons — an archive of a newsletter with over 100,000 people; an idea and structure of a book about living in an ecovillage by Alexander Ivanov, a published author of “Outside the Сity” (Treemedia, 2019); the first-ever translation of one of the Dolomites legends to Russian as a fragment of my book “The mountain keeper”; and updating of the free PDF guidebooks to Italy and Finland for Arrivo travel media with 1.5 million visitors at its peak in 2015.