— Hello. This is Ivan Kuznetsov.

I’m local in the Dolomites, and Karelia, full-time outdoor journalist, editor and writer, author of several travel books, speaker, mentor to beginner authors and back again student.

My story begins in 2013 in the Dolomites, where, since that time, I have been organizing and guiding creative hikes, excursions and other activities in the Dolomites (mountains Vette Feltrine in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, Pale di San Martino — Paneveggio and Lagorai), in 100 km from Venice and 150 km from Verona, also via Airbnb Experiences and Localie.

I participate in annual sports and cultural events at the Pro Loco Tourist Center in Lamon, the third largest city in the province of Belluno, Italy, and the tourist association of the same city. My posts on Facebook and stories in Instagram are shared by the official tourist organizations like: Visit San Martino, and Visit Finland — I will work with them too.

Since 2014, I’ve been helping travel publications and companies, start-ups and independent entrepreneurs to create and distribute content on outdoor activities, eco-tourism, healthy lifestyle, travel and other related topics like: IT, online education, foreign languages, emigration, remote work, etc.

I cooperate with those who love to explore the world around: Bird In Flight photo magazine (Depositphotos stoke images), Windy App (#35 in Weather in AppStore), OneTwoTrip OTA in London, LinguaTrip (participant of 500 Startups), BlaBlaCar, Visit Finland, Central Park of St. Petersburg and others. There are 95 English language publications in my portfolio.

In Russian I have published 136 travel interviews (2.1 m views), as well as 85 publications on outdoor activities and two of my favorite countries: Italy and Finland (680k views). In total, in my portfolio there are more than 500 publications in all genres and formats: from news to long reads.

Totally I’ve been in 21 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, in 10 I lived from month to year. In Russia over 35 years, my homes have been: my native St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk in Karelia, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod near it, and Sochi on the south of Russia. I (almost) crossed Russia by hitchhiking in my project Ecological Journey Through Reserves and National Parks of Russia in 2015. Almost, because I went only to Kazan, but I planned and managed all the travel on paper. I’ve been just once on a regular vacation — as a child on the Black Sea.

I speak English (B2) and Italian (A2). The last one I learned and continue to study by myself through self-teaching, audio courses, but most importantly — through communication.

I’m going to join the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and the Nuoren Voiman Liitto literary association in Helsinki, Finland.

I was a participant in two creative residences: Villa Sarkia Writing Residence in Finland, Santa Maria Residential Arts Center in French part of the Basque Country, where I went after the volunteer project in Italy. There I wrote my first two books: “I’m Arriving”, a collection of interviews with famous Russian speaking travelers, and “The Trail”, a travelogue about working as a mountain keeper in ecotourism in the Dolomites in Italy.

In order to publish them, I held two crowdfunding companies on Boomstarter and (Russian Kickstarter and IndieGoGo). Together with Ecological Journey project, all campaigns collected 1000 dollars from 110 sponsors.

At the same time I’m working on 5–10 more books, including personal guides to the Dolomites and wild Finland, and the book “How to Become an Outdoor Editor” and others.

In 2020 I finally started blogging on my website, where I share useful content on the same topics. This is the third version of the site: the first one was in 2014, the second one from 2017 — also three years. Hopefully, this one will last longer. I also have social networks — you can find them in Contact.

If you don’t have time to read and know Russian, watch and listen to my lectures and other public talks. I have participated in 15 events: live broadcasts, video rubrics, webinars, podcasts, etc. Sometimes I organize my own meetings with readers. I also share my personal experience in the media — I have published 45 texts, as well as in two popular communities: Travel Startups on Facebook (17k) and Dharma Dums (260k) in Vkontakte (Russian Facebook).

As a mentor I help beginner authors to publish their first text in media, and those who are already publishing or working as a copywriter/editor to master the most complicated genre of journalism — interview. I have developed two courses. In both cases the focus is on outdoor texts or about creativity, and international communication.

Before active travels in 2011, I actively exchanged postcards through the Postcrossing website, collected a 100 cards from port cities, and in total I have about 300 postcards and letters from local people from around the world (literally).

I spent a couple of years actively using Couchsurfing in Finland, France, Italy and Russia (27 positive reviews).

I took part in international youth programs Work & Travel USA and “European Volunteer Service” (EVS) in Italy in the project of the largest local environmental association Legambiente. I spent a month studying Buddhism at Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat in the Indian Himalayas.

Sometimes I go on press tours and other business trips with a mission from a company: I wrote a reportage about life in a Finnish cottage for BigPicture, told about life in Greece — for “Around the World” magazine, opened North Ossetia region in Russia together with TUI and Coral Travel agencies, recorded a series of 12 interviews with local residents at the invitation of a company in Montenegro.

Three main things about cooperation:

  1. I am interested in charismatic people who have something to tell and cool products that are pleasant to use.
  2. I don’t try to do more or better than others, more interesting is not like everyone else.
  3. I think I know how to make jokes.

Read reviews about me from other editors, hikers, content customers, interview heroes and just people who are close in spirit.

Here’s my CV on Google Docs.