Arcipelago Altitudini. Storie di Montagna. Vol. 1 — must-read outdoor book in Italian

Mulatero Publishing House in Turin just published a book called “Archipelago Altitudes” — a collection of texts from a beautiful blog with the same title,, dedicated to the mountains and the outdoors — not only Italian.

The editor of the collection and the website is the same Teddy Soppelsa, communications specialist at Aku Shoes. I have already introduced you once.

I discovered this site thanks to Teddy. I have been reading it for about half a year, and I highly recommend it to everyone who loves active recreation and studies Italian.

The book can be ordered on the website of the publishing house. Next — a direct speech by the author, as well as a promotional code for a discount.

Teddy Soppelsa
Editor of, communications specialist at Aku Shoes, Montebelluna, Veneto, Italy

— AA (Archipelago Altitudes). Vol 1. is a collection of unpublished texts: short stories, narrative essays, poems, photo reportage, and graphic novels, with the theme of the mountain in its different meanings.

The idea of the edition is simple: we want to focus on storytelling as a literary genre and on the rebirth of anthologies of short stories to be read on paper. But if the intent might seem — and indeed it is — a rediscovery of the past, the format with which we decided to do it is something completely new.

AA has the features of a book, but in the idea of periodicity, it is intended as a magazine.

The magazine-book formula, with contents edited with the times of a book and paginated with the graphic elements, illustrations, and photographic images of a magazine, we believe it can provide a further level of reading for our stories.

There are many heterogeneous stories and different voices, known writers alongside less known or unknown writers, who together compose a multi-faceted and original story about the mountain: to discover it, to deepen it, and to be inspired.

Since 2012 is an online magazine where you can read for free stories about people and explorations, about life in contact with nature and the mountains, in particular, stories with an unconventional point of view.

Stories are essential to our life experience. Telling stories is a way to make sense of things, to really know them.

The standard of information we love and try to offer requires time, expertise, and an editorial workshop always active. The revenues from sponsors are not enough to cover the costs of our editorial staff and we need your support to continue our work and increase the quality of our proposals.

If you buy “AA” you can help us to continue our work.

How to order a book with a discount

  1. Simply go to its page at Mulatero online shop.
  2. If you are an reader and you receive our newsletter, use the discount code AA2020 to buy one or more copies of the book at 18.00 € (5% discount without shipping costs). If not yet, subscribe first.
  3. At checkout remember to select “free shipping”.

Have a good reading. 🥾

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