Annotation to Dasha Pakhtusova’s book of travel notes

Dasha Pakhtusova is one of the most popular travel writer and travelers in Russia at the moment.

Dasha just has compiled her notes into her first travel book called “Everything is possible. Notes in Travel,” for which she asked me to write an abstract, which she put on the back cover of the book. We are old friends with Dasha. So old that I recorded my second travel interview in my life titled “The wild and the free” with her.

Below the abstract itself, book details and information on how to get it from Dasha.

Dasha Pakhtusova is the great-granddaughter of the sea navigator Peter Pakhtusov, a translator by profession, a love smuggler.

At the age of twenty, she found herself in the U.S. without money and a ticket to Moscow in four months. Since then, Dasha has lived “on the road” in pursuit of adventure, strangers, and continents, continuing the cause of Jack Kerouac and other writers of the Beat Generation.

She has hitchhiked across America, survived the Atacama Desert in Chile, worked with actors on the set of Hollywood movies, built a tree house in the Carpathian Mountains… Travel has become a way of life for her: something you can’t explain until you’ve tried it yourself.

In August 2015, Dasha created a blog called “Everything is possible,” which turned the Russian Internet upside down in just a couple of months, and the cellular operator Beeline named one of its tariffs with the same phrase. On her blog, Dasha shares candid life stories and organizes trips for aspiring travelers as part of the “Come Out in the Yard” travel project.

Thousands of people, inspired by the example of the charming girl, have gone in search of something important — in a world where, indeed, nothing is impossible.

The spread of the book “Everything is possible. Notes in Travel” by Dasha Pakhtusova © Oksana Yakovyna

Book details

  • Date of publishing: June 2017
  • Language: Russian, partly English
  • Publisher: self-publication
  • Printing house: Miff Manufacture, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Number of books: 300 (first edition), printing on demand
  • Illustrator: Maria Ilnitskaya, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Editor: Irina Vologzhanina, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Book photos: Oksana Yakovyna
  • Back cover annotation: Ivan Kuznetsov

Now the book is only available in electronic form. You can order it in Dasha’s Vkontakte blog (Russian Facebook) or just writing to her in Instagram. You can also support her new stories on Patreon.

Learn the story behind the writing and publishing of the book from Dasha herself, and watch photos from the presentation of the book she held in Moscow, Russia.

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov and Dasha Pakhtusova

Photos: Oksana Yakovyna