In the Dolomites, I realized I want to explore places in depth, not just check in

We do not ask participants of creative hiking in the Dolomites to write reviews on purpose. We have tried once. It didn’t work. They are the first ones to share their new impressions, experience, and changes in their lives with us.

Anastasia Bobrova
Co-owner and producer of Script.Shot.Sound film studio, which, among other things, makes films for Discovery Russia TV channel, former producer at (“Russian Yahoo or Bing”), from Moscow

— My big adventure in the Dolomites, which I received as a gift for my 30th birthday from my husband and friends, is over. It was one of the best and most unforgettable journeys in my life, because everything I love is combined in it: an unusual place and cool company, difficulties and lightness, a lot of movement, surprises and interesting acquaintances.

I have been to Italian towns where you can’t find tourists — Feltre and Lamon. And I came there from Venice, where there are too many tourists.

I have changed eight hotels, three of which are mountain huts, which you will not find anywhere else. They are very unusual. In the Dolomites, we did not sleep in tents, it is cold at an altitude of 3000 meters. But it is warm in rifugios.

I slept with other girls on bunk beds in one room, and at night we ran to look at the stars. Dolomites is delightful forgotten camp atmosphere, only for adults!

I followed strange rules from our local guide Ivan: don’t talk, save water, keep up, go sideways.

I was in the clouds at an altitude of 2700 meters. And higher.

I climbed the steep rocks, cried with pain and fear, and immediately smiled at the beautiful views and the awareness of where I was able to climb.

The route along the Dolomites was not circular, but from point A to point B, so if you have a difficult ascent ahead, you can’t stay, wait, or go another way. It was necessary to break into the mountain, but crawl further.

On one dangerous, steep section, I could not stand it, I was afraid, my eyes became darkened, tears flowed. My heavy backpack was pulling me into the abyss. I could not move.

Ivan, who was already far ahead, quickly threw his backpack and jumped over a rock to me, took my hand, calmed down, took my backpack and we went furtner.

It was the most difficult moment of the whole hike, which once again showed that the eyes are afraid and the feet are walking, hands do and trust in people is not far off.

In this creative hiking in Pale di San Martino there was the only boy among seven girls © Tatiana Kuznetsova
In this creative hiking in Pale di San Martino there was the only boy among seven girls © Tatiana Kuznetsova

I paid 6 euros for 15 liters of shower water.

During the four days of the creative hike in Pale di San Martino I walked 70.000 steps. In the floors I went up to the 300th floor. In one of the days I walked for seven hours in a row.

I paid more for tea than for wine. I ate a lot of prosutto and cheese.

I tasted the most delicious pizza in the world from local pizzaiolo Luigi and plucked figs, kiwi, pears and nuts right outside our house.

I fell in love with Lake Garda on the back way and learned what camping is like. It’s funny.

I saw the best landscapes in my life.

I cried in the beginning because of how difficult it was, and I cried in the end because it was over.

I have found new friends.

I realized that I no longer want to travel just for a check in. I want to explore place in depth.

For the first time I didn’t plan my trip and didn’t know what was waiting for me; I trusted the circumstances and my favorite people. Let such gifts be more often.

If you decide to go to the Dolomites or you need the most unusual and exciting vacation, write to Ivan Kuznetsov, and he will do everything.

Thank you to our whole group for their support.

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Cover photo: Nastya at the cable car Rosetta, 2700 m © participant of the same creative hiking.

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