Seize the day. Advice on street photography by Angelo Ferrillo

To be a good street photographer, it’s not enough to just go out with a camera. “It is necessary to seize the day”, says Angelo Ferrillo, a professional photojournalist from Milan, Italy. He shared detailed tips on how to capture any day with the best pictures with me (and you).

Angelo Ferrillo
47 years old photographer from Naples, lives in Milan. He was published in The Rolling Stone, GQ Italia, Fotocult, De Agostini Editori, and L’Uomo Vogue

Know your equipment well

Knowing your equipment helps reduce the time it takes to capture a scene and therefore also helps you not to be seen and not pollute the scene.

Be confident about what you are doing

Showing confidence stops the subject from thinking that you are doing something prohibited, and therefore you can achieve excellent images even if you have to interact with subjects.

Always keep a watchful eye

Do not just look directly ahead. Often something can be happening further up or down. Look around curiously with an eye that is hungry for pleasure. Act like a curious tourist, even in your own home. This feeds the pleasure of taking photographs.

Never wonder

We live in a society where anything can happen and wonder can make this appear to be stronger and more characteristic of something that in reality is not there. What attracts our eyes does not have to seem extraordinary to us, but it has to be for the consumer of our images.

Traditions are fundamental

Whether in a new or old place, it is always nice to be able to translate traditions through images. You create a bond with the past by using the present, making the images live in the future.

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Cover photo: Angelo Ferrillo.