The PeakVisor guide to Adamello-Brenta nature park in northern Italy

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park is an incredibly diverse protected area in northern Italy, where nature has done a great job creating forests, valleys, passes, meadows, lakes, glaciers, and 307 named mountains the highest and the most prominent of which is Cima Presanella (3,556 m / 11,666 ft), since it was founded in 1967.

One of the main features of the park is that it is also a geopark in the worldwide Unesco Global Geoparks Network. The system was created to preserve the geological heritage of the Earth. In total, there are just 75 such parks in Europe in 26 countries, and 161 parks in 44 countries worldwide.

I would say that Geopark Adamello Brenta is like a magnet for nature, ecotourism, and outdoor enthusiasts. The park allows you to relax and recuperate, and inspire your own creativity.

Ivan Kuznetsov
Outdoor writer from the Dolomites, Italy, and Karelia, Finland

— The name of the park consists of the names of the two large mountain groups that make up the park’s territory: the Adamello Presanella Alps and the Brenta Group. Additionally, these are also the names of the highest peaks in these mountain groups: Cima Adamello (3,539 m / 11,611 ft) and Cima Brenta (3,151 m / 10,338 ft).

In my opinion, the Presanella was unfairly omitted from the name of the park, but this was likely done just to shorten its length. Also, Presanella is a smaller group when compared to the other mountains in the region.

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park (Parco naturale dell’Adamello Brenta) is one of the largest nature parks in northern Italy. It has an impressive area of 620 sq. km (240 sq. mi).

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Cover photo: Baita Valon.

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