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Creative Hiking and Cycling in the Dolomites

Travel to the north of Italy for creative hiking and cycling in the Dolomites, and other outdoor activities and sports. I’ve been helping to make it with cooperation of local tourism office and association since 2013. These are the mountains of Vette Feltrine (National Park of Belluno Dolomites), Pale di San Martino — Paneveggio (Primiero), Lagorai — Cima d’Asta and Alps di Fiemme. It is also a great place for eco tourism in just 100-150 km from Venice / Verona.

Creative Hiking in the Dolomites
Hiking in the Dolomites in May 2019 with three outdoor funs from Moscow © Ivan Kuznetsov

Guide to the Dolomites: Routes, Services, Events

Get a lot of useful information in a creative guide to the Dolomites, including ready-to-go hiking and cycling routes, different kind of services you may need while traveling in the Italian Alps, calendars of sportive and other events and instructions on how to participate in it, and more.

In the Dolomites you can stay for the night in bivouacs — free mountain shelters © Ivan Kuznetsov


Read weekly articles, how-tos, guides, insights, opinions, interviews, and much more about outdoors and eco tourism in the “Creative Dolomites Journal“. Start from:

Hiking Ten Non Touristic Trails in Lamon, Dolomites
Arcipelago Altitudini. Storie di Montagna. Vol. 1 — Must-to-read Outdoor Book in Italian
A True Story About Finding the Best Job in the World and a New Home in the Dolomites

Guidebooks, Postcards, Maps

Order beautiful and useful handmade paper products from the Dolomites in a Creative Dolomites Bookstore: guides and other travel books, postcards, maps. There is an international delivery to the doors of your home.

The Trail I Paved book Dolomites
For example, this is “The Trail” book, it has 15 chapters, 245 pages, black and white photographs © Ivan Kuznetsov


Cooperate with an outdoor journalist and writer with 6 years of experience. Now I help to create and distribute content to Windy.app and Velospeed.co.uk. Let’s work together. I’m an author of 95 publications in English (200k views), 150+ interviews (2,1m views), 100+ outdoor publications (700k views). Check these works in my portfolio.

Talking about journalism in largest outdoor store in Moscow Sport Marathon © Ivan Kuznetsov
Talking about journalism in largest outdoor store in Moscow Sport Marathon © Ivan Kuznetsov


Give feedback on creative hiking and cycling in the Dolomites, books or journal articles you read, working with me as an editor, or everything you see on this website: iamkunavi@gmail.com.

Cover photo: creative hiking in Lagorai and Pale di San Martino mountains in Sep. 2019 © Ivan Kuznetsov.

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