Travel Lottery Game

In creative hikes in the Dolomites in 2018, we played a game called “Travel Lottery,” which I specifically invented for these hikes. Let me explain what it was about…

We needed something to do in the evenings at the refugio (mountain hotels) and I immediately thought that one of the days we should do a collective interview with the participants since this is my main specialty — a journalist.

I decided to choose the most interesting questions that fit the situation from my more than 100 interviews and ask them to the participants. Eureka!

I chose (I copied them as they were), printed them on paper, cut them out, and put them in a hat. Participants pulled questions and talked about themselves as if the question was addressed to them.

I was worried it would get boring, but it turned out great — despite being tired after every day of hiking. People, as always, answered very figuratively and told all kinds of stories — you can’t fake that. That’s why I love my job and my profession.

Now I suggest that you play this game.

Coming soon…

Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Dylan Nolte / Unsplash